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Computer-Cut Software 'RealCut', optimised precision-cut film for special solution

RealCut has a full database of patterns for either tint or paint protection or a combination of patterns. Also RealCut has customized tools added to make it work even better than other packages on the market and was built to be the easiest package to use.

There are 2 major groups of patterns - Tint and Paint Protection. Tint patterns consist of 2 subgroups - Short and Long, where Short are patterns that do not go under the gasket while Long patterns go 3/8ths inch below the bottom gasket on all rollup windows (sometimes requiring the installer to pull the door panels open to have better access under the gasket of the rollup windows). Paint protection patterns combine several types, like Bumpers, Hood-Fenders-Mirrors, Lights and others.

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