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Strong and natural satin / matte effect

Matte Series film is developed in the way of strongly coating the specially-processed (Stain effect) premium class soffer TPU material surface in order for multiple functions. The remarkable film keeps an original coating colour and provide the effects of matte wrapping and paint protection. It has multiple functions, such as strong yellowing resistance, self-healing, harmful chemical resistance, and anti-waterspot and the natural satin effect for making the film look stately and good. In addition, enough of film thickness makes it possible to deliver reliability of paint protection which is the essential purpose of car paint protection film.


MATTE PPF Benefits

  • Premium Class Soffer TPU (Thermoplastic PolyUrethane) increases product longevity

  • Multiple Color (Clear / Black) Natural Satin Matte Finish

  • Great Scratches Self-Healing

  • Strong Resistance to Chemicals

  • Stain Resistance from dirt, oil, tar and bugs

  • Anti-Contamination (Easy to remove contaminants)

  • Hydrophobic (Advanced water repelling properties)

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