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Non-reflective Chameleon Ceramic showing different colours from different angles.

Displaying different colors and looks that change according to the viewing angle or field of vision, Iris produces amazement from the audience. Iris window tint film is a true premium product that combined exclusive coating technology and nano technology that is like no other. Created by applying special coating to a super-clear, ultra-thin fabric that is selectively used for the top-class products, Iris boasts the lowest refraction among our products, maintains a high level of clarity day and night and in any environment, and provides the top level visibility like premium lenses. In addition, it provides over 95% infrared ray protection and almost 100% UV protection with its supreme optical performance. The unrivalled performance, natural beauty and sophistication of Iris will add a signature style to your car.

IRIS Benefits

  • Improved Exterior Styles with Non reflective attractive chameleon

  • Excellent Transparency & Visibility

  • Effective of Solar Heat & Harmful UV Blocking

  • Reduces Eyestrain (Reduces the sun's glare, enhancing visibility)

  • Siginal-Free (Metal-free film won't interfere with electronic devices within a vehicle)

  • Prevent Scattering in case of breakage

  • Increases Privacy Effectiveness









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